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Retailers selling HH Body Care deodorant


Local Yocal, McKinney

Na'Na's Hippie Shack, Denton

MYO Austin Massage & Movement, Austin 

Salon Rouge Spa, Jefferson


Vim N' Vigor, Lihue

Earth, Sun & Moon, Lihue

Lilikoi Luxe, Kapaa

Hoku Natural Foods, Kapaa

The Kauai Store, Kapaa

The Grand Hyatt  Resort & Spa, Koloa

Handcrafted in Providence Village, TX

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News: HH Body Care is flying off store shelves!

"This is a first!  I've never had to re-order a product in less than 72 hours!" - Steve McKinley, 

Owner at Barnyard Dollar Store & More

Frisco, TX

Your search for a natural deodorant that WORKS ends here.

 Specializing in all Natural Deodorant that keeps you smelling great all day with just one application.  

We know how it is, you want to switch from that chemical laden antiperspirant to a natural deodorant but the fear of smelling like a rotten onion on a hot summer's day is holding you back.  

"I get it, I've been there.  That's why I worked to develop a natural deodorant that is guaranteed to keep you smelling fresh all day long without toxins, aluminum or fragrance oils." -Julie Dickerson, Owner/Creator

 You can sigh a breath of relief, your search is over. 

Each deodorant contains essential oils that are antibacterial and not only smell great but actually help eliminate odor, something no fragrance oil can do!  


About Us

Natural and Safe

Our all natural deodorant formula is made from high quality ingredients that keep you smelling great all day with just one daily application! Our formula will absorb wetness so you feel fresh and clean as well. Free from toxic chemicals, parabens and aluminum. 

Scented with Essential Oils

We use only pure essential oils to scent each individual deodorant.  The essential oils we use are organic and wild crafted.  There are no fragrance oils added so all you are getting is the fresh, clean scent of nature in each handmade deodorant. 

Made Just for You

Each deodorant is individually scented and made to order.  During the summer months please store any extra deodorants in your refrigerator until you are ready to use it to maintain optimal freshness.

What are people saying?

Teri says...

  I have been using this deodorant for several months and IT IS THE BEST ON THE MARKET! I am currently preparing myself for a bodybuilding competition, I am constantly in the gym, sometimes twice a day... I put this on and it last me all day! I am amazed by it’s lasting power! I am also amazed by the fact that I do not sweat under my arms throughout the day! I plan on being a lifetime customer! 

Melissa says...

First time using all natural deodorant. I love the fragrance and it applies smoothly. It works better than the name brands I've used. Big fan! 

Halley says...

This smells incredible!! This line of deodorant is the only product I've found that not only smells amazing, works all day long and helps my skin look smoother and less dark! Love love love!! 

Liz says...

Seriously impressed with this stuff! Walked around Six Flags all day in the Texas heat and I’m still smelling fresh! Highly recommend!

Tasha says...

 I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my underarm odor to no avail until I tried this product! I am very happy with this deodorant and highly recommend it to everyone! 

Megan says...

 I've tried so many natural deodorants as I'm allergic to regular antiperspirant and this is the only one without baking soda (which irritates my skin) that I don't have to reapply several times a day. It's awesome! 


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Original or Sensitive Skin?


Baking Soda is naturally aluminum free and is a great ingredient to combat odor causing bacteria.  Our original formula contains baking soda and for most people causes no irritation at all.  However, if you are like about 30% of our customers, you may have tried a deodorant with baking soda only to find your underarms were irritated and red.   Our solution?  A sensitive skin formula that is baking soda free and works just as great as the original.  Each scent combination is carefully selected to not only smell amazing, but to break down odor causing bacteria as well. 

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HH Body Care

Kapaa, Hawaii 96746, United States 940-594-1614

Meet the Owner

Julie Dickerson, owner/creator


I created HH Body Care deodorant in 2013 after spending countless wasted dollars on store bought brands that simply didn't work.  With my knowledge of compounds and essential oils I was able to create a unique formula that works great!  As a Mom of 2 special needs kids, I am passionate about keeping my home chemical free. I know that removing toxins from your life can be daunting and I love being a part of making it a little easier.